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If you are interested in the world of business, then Business Studies is a subject you should be considering – whether you are planning to work for a company, manage a company or start your very own company. Business exists all around us, from the rising petrol price, to the ‘credit crunch’ to socio-economic issues such as unemployment, skills development and the state of the environment. Good business skills can make the difference between success and failure. You will find Business Studies to be a challenging, relevant and rewarding subject, heavy on content.

Business Studies is a 3-year course, starting with theory in Grade 10, then building the application of that theory in Grade 11 and developing this into strategy in Grade 12. During the course you will investigate actual businesses and gain an understanding of how businesses function. As business is ever-changing, the syllabus is full of useful insights into practical issues and opportunities, both in South Africa and globally.

What will you learn?

  • An understanding of the world of business
  • Skills in the marketing, production, operational, financial, social and people management aspects of business
  • Carrying out research, both within and away from the classroom, and presenting business reports. How to work in a team with other members of the class and aspects of leadership
  • Investigating, listening, reading, discussion, site visits and guest speakers

What topics are covered?

Topics covered are grouped into four modules as follows, across Grade 10, 11 and 12:

  • Business Environments: The micro, market and macro business environments of the economy, Contemporary socio-economic issues, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Business Ventures: Entrepreneurship, Market research, Forms of company ownership, Contracts, Business Information (research and presentations), Management leadership styles, Legislative environment, Insurance and Investment (Cash, Property, Bonds, Equities/Shares)
  • Business Roles: Creative thinking/ innovation and problem solving, Stress and crisis management, Professionalism and ethics, Teambuilding, project management and conflict management
  • Business Operations: Marketing, Purchasing, Production, Administration, Human Resources, Labour Legislation, Black Economic Empowerment, Finance

Possible Careers

Career options are broad, as Business Studies skills are transferable across all disciplines. Some obvious career choices are: Entrepreneur, Business Executive, Strategy Consultant, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Sales and Marketing Agent/Manager, Human Resources Officer, Production Planner, Quality Assessor, Customer Relationship Manager.


Parents can assist by discussing concepts such as customer service, team leadership, branding, recruitment, labour relations, insurance, contracts, mortgage bonds, investment performance and anything related to businesses in which they are involved. Most importantly, parents need to watch the news with students, encourage them to read newspapers/online news and discuss current affairs, so that they develop general knowledge and understanding of what is happening around them.