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  • To develop an understanding of design in historical, social, cultural, environmental and technological contexts.
  • To encourage a critical awareness of the world, enriching students’ experiences of the world.
  • To develop practical and creative skills as well as resourcefulness, preparing students for a variety of vocational possibilities.

Design encourages students to develop a number of skills that will be invaluable to them, no matter what career they choose to follow. It is also a chance for them to explore a number of creative options and discover something that they really enjoy and can excel at.

Design includes but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Visual Communication Design
    Information designs, corporate identities, magazine covers and layouts, illustration, promotional material, adverts, animation, photographs, packaging
  • Surface Design
    Textile, wrapping paper, mosaic, mural, stained glass
  • Product Design
    Furniture, ceramics, jewellery, fashion, costume, puppetry
  • Environmental Design
    Architectural design, interior design, urban design, props

Special Notes

This subject relies heavily on the pupil’s own motivation and commitment.
Good essay-writing skills are essential. Good drawing skills are beneficial.
There is a fairly considerable extra expense involved – textbooks, A3 drawing book, any other materials required to complete a design project (Eg. Paint, paper, fabric, board etc.).

Possible Careers

Advertising, TV and film, web design, photography, architecture, interior design, textile industry, fashion, theatre and costume design, galleries, illustration, management and marketing, cinematography, jewellery etc.