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Geography is about real places where people live, work and relax. Geography looks at processes that link people and places, mountains and rivers, earthquakes and volcanoes, floods and droughts, global warming and climate change, development and economic growth, rural and urban living, the list is a very long one. Geography is a very wide-ranging subject and has a scientific base.

What Geography looks at is current and vital - and very relevant in giving us an understanding and flexibility as we take our place on Earth. The subject will help us to develop the skills and attitudes, concepts and knowledge to cope intelligently in an ever-changing world.

School Geography consists of two sections:

  • Theory - comprising both the human and physical elements, such as the study of people and places, and people and their needs.
  • Mapwork - comprising atlas work, reading, analysing and interpreting maps and aerial photographs, map projections and Geographical Information System (GIS).

Students are encouraged to engage in investigative research and are exposed to the numerous interactions that take place on Planet Earth between people and the environment. This important IT tool allows them to understand processes, question why certain patterns occur and solve spatial problems.

Students will be able to:

  • Explain processes and spatial patterns
  • Make well-informed judgments about our changing environment
  • Think critically about living sustainably