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Life Orientation is unique because:

  • There is no final NSC exam although students must complete a final standardised task set by the WCED in their Grade 12 year.
  • The final mark of each FET year is a CASS mark which includes exams written during the year(i.e. there is no 75% - 25% split).

The skills focus includes:

Decision making, communication, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, coping with peer pressure, dealing with diversity, critical thinking, career choices, self-reflection, self-development and growth, coping with stress, planning, organisation, study skills.

Tolerance, responsibility, autonomy, independence, social and environmental awareness, human rights, health.


  • Talk to your child every day about how they are coping with school demands. Find out what projects are expected of them and what tests or exams are being written in the near future.
  • Encourage your child to set up a weekly planner to help him/her cope with tests, projects and homework.
  • Encourage your child to keep a constant work ethic. This means that he/she should be working for 3-5 hours on school work daily.
  • If conflict arises about work, academic results and school, try and speak calmly to your child and find ways to support a healthy way forward.
  • Put firm, fair and negotiated boundaries down about weekend socialising.
  • Teenagers who stay out late to party on Saturday night will need Sunday and Monday to recover. This will take a serious toll on academic results and stress levels.