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From Natural Science to Physical Science

Natural science incorporates three main disciplines:

  • Life sciences, formerly Biology;
  • Physical sciences;
  • Earth sciences, formerly Geography.

Students get a good idea how the three disciplines are integrated into the world around us. Physical Science takes the disciplines of chemistry and physics and uses them to improve our lives while still caring for our environment.

  • Matter and materials
    Basic microscopic structure of matter.
  • Chemical Change
    Qualitative chemistry
    Types of reactions and how to produce the substances you want.
  • Chemical Systems
    Lithosphere and atmosphere.
    Mining, energy resources and the effects on the environment.
  • Mechanics
    Laws that govern all motion

Who should take Physical Sciences?

A student who

  • Constantly asks 'what if?'
  • Enjoys a mathematical challenge
  • Hopes to enter into careers such as: Engineering, Medicine and Health Sciences, Space Exploration.

Students should not take Physical Science if they:

  • have no interest in Science.
  • take Science because their parents want them to
  • not enjoy or cope with Mathematics.
  • choose Mathematical Literacy.


  • Encourage your child, even when you find it hard and doubt your own ability. Support, promote perseverance, self-motivation and a sense of constant challenge. Watch the news, read and discuss innovations in the world of science
  • Pose questions and debate issues affecting the world and the local environment.
  • Discuss ethical questions and get your child to take a stand based on scientific fact not gut reactions.